Office Administrator Coordinator

Location: Tunisia

Job category: General Administrative

Language: English

Functional responsibilities

General Services and Safety & Security

  •  Coordinate with internal and external intervenient
  •  Attend to and negotiate with suppliers with regard to material requests made at the Site, making the

budget application, review of the purchases billing, performing the monthly close, and guaranteeing that

the procedures established by the Company are met.

  • Monitor the cleaning company and report the incidents detected, in coordination with the Owner, where


  • Work in all sites for the company
  • Participate in coordination with the maintenance company in the planning of prevention material, examine

preventive measures and implement them, where appropriate, and receive and manage maintenance


  •  Perform quarterly reviews of extinguishers, BIE, lights, etc. issuing the related report.
  • Stock control and supply of office material, responsible for receiving and monitoring the material requests.
  • Deliver and monitor the headphones required to perform the listening.
  • Manage the collections of red waste bins, Reisswolf, toner, etc.
  • Coordinate with team and applied the company strategy
  • Coordinate the construction work processes and extensions to the Site.
  • Collaborate in the preparation of incentives, assisting in the planning of breakfasts, lunches or events for the work teams.
  •  Control and review all the Site's facilities, verifying their sound functioning and ensuring that rooms are correctly equipped.
  • Coordinate the Site's protection and safety requirements, together with the Occupational Risk Prevention Department and the Human Resources Manager and assure security documents update and verify periodically if in line with law prescriptions.
  •  Awareness and understanding of personnel cost and its implications.
  •  Manage and report on the monthly consumption, event and requirements.
  •  Perform the required invoices procedures to manage approval circuit and report.
  •  Manage at administrative level the documents generated in the billing processes in coordination with all departments, following the established procedures.

Reception (Registry)

  • Book meeting rooms for all departments.
  • Answer calls, receive and arrange courier, invoices and documents,
  • Receive and attend to visits at the Site.
  • Receive, classify and distribute all the correspondence received, and control and monitor the
    correspondence sent and manage internal mail.
  • Perform the administrative management of the documentation processed, in line with the established
    procedures. Transfer the service request of any client (internal or external)
  • Preparation of the identification badges (visits, training, etc.).
  • Management of access cards for the Site of the Organisation's employees.
  • Management of parking spaces, control, reservations and monitoring, in line with the process defined at
    each Site.
  • Prepare the list of weekend personnel and provide it to Building Security staff (when applicable).
  • Issue, control and cancel access cards for the different services and departments, keeping up to date the
    list of permanent security accesses.
  • Control and keep a record of the building's keys and doors.
  • Collaborate in the preparation of events held at the Site, publications and notifications issued by Human
    Resources, keeping the notice boards earmarked for this purpose up to date.
  • Support role in recruiting activities (i.e. support in organizing interviews at candidate days).
    Travel and Transportation
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for employee and Company guests when requested.
  • Arrange transportation for employee and Company guests when requested.
  • Act as general resource and point of contact for travel-related issues and Company travel policy rules,
    assisting employees with the travel-related issues or concerns.
  • Research and secure the best rates in booking flights, hotels and car rentals with the support of the travel
  • Act to ensure safe and efficient travel organisation, in accordance with Company policies and guidelines.
  • Receive and respond as single point of contact to incoming travel requests from all employees.
  • Take care of the travel reporting when requested.
  • Perform special projects and assignments when required.

Profile Required

  • Minimum studies: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Specific training and/or work experience in Administrative/Office Management/Technical General Services.

Information technology

  •  Office package (Word/Excel/PowerPoint): Good level.
  •  CCTV, access control and technical Software.
  •  Google Apps: Good level.
  • E-mail Communication: Good level.
  • Previous experience in HR Information System (IS) solutions is an advantage.
  • English level: B2

Communicating ideas and information on time, effectively and clearly so that the essential message
comes across and is fully understood, always promoting an open dialogue. The ability to use a variety of
media in a manner that engages the audience. Communicating the direction in which the organization is
developing in an appealing way and creating support for achieving TWW objectives.
 Focus on the Client (internal and external)
Demonstrating a commitment to quality services, effectively interpreting the needs of external and internal
clients. Involves meeting client needs in an excellent and efficient manner; building productive client
relationships; taking responsibility for client satisfaction and loyalty.
Planning and Organisation Capacity
Determining objectives and priorities effectively; planning timely measures in order to attain stated goals.
Identifying and recruiting people and other resources in order to carry out a plan; allocating them in such
a way that the intended results are achieved. Involves monitoring the results of tasks, assignments or
Focus on Quality
Setting high demands with respect to the quality of one's own work and that of others; striving
continuously for improvements. Vigilantly watches over processes and services to ensure freedom from
errors, omissions, or defects. Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues
as appropriate.
Adaptability and Flexibility
Acting appropriately by expedient adaptation to changing environments, tasks, or responsibilities and to
different people, regardless of setbacks, disappointments, or opposition. Maintaining effectiveness when
experiencing changes in the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work s processes
or requirements.
Analytical and Resolutionary Thinking
Breaking a problem down into its component parts; describing its source and structure, understanding of
time sequences and the cause-effect relationships of actions. Seeking possible causes and gathering
relevant data. Providing wider or deeper understanding of situations or problems by applying another
frame of reference.
Building positive working relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of Transcom's objectives. Involves
the intention to form part of a team and work with others, as opposed to individualism or rivalry.
Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in
Motivational aspects (The profile which must be presented by employees)

— Positive attitude towards interpersonal dealings, service vocation and administrative and technical tasks.

— Remain motivated and keep a positive attitude under pressure.
Previous experience:

—  External selection: Minimum three year’s experience as a administrative or technical management of a
multi-centre company, performing similar tasks. Experience at companies belonging to the Contact
Centre sector is an asset.

Internal promotion: May also originate from any post if he/she complies with the required profile.

About Transcom

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