Operations Manager - Iloilo, Philippines

Location: Philippines, Iloilo City

Job category: Operations


Transcom is looking for talented individuals like you to join our awesome team! Be the next Intern Operations Manager  for our Transcom Iloilo site.

What's in it for YOU!

Driven by our "Malasakit" culture, we make certain that our team members are well-cared for. Hence we are proving these employee benefits, which you'll be able to utilize once you join our team! 

  • Day 1 HMO

  • Meal & Transportation Allowance

  • Rice Subsidy

  • Clothing Allowance

  • 24/7 Teleconsult

  • Free Psychologist Consultation

  • In-house & Online Pharmacy

  • Scholarship Program

  • Retirement Fund

  • Free Meal & Medicine (through Transcom’s Tap Card Rewards)

  • Loyalty Incentives

  • Accidental & Life Insurance

  • Free Shuttle Service

Join our Transcom Family as a Intern Operations Manager!

Job Objective:

    • The Business Manager is directly responsible for profit and growth of his/her business area through employee performance management, service delivery and client interaction.

    • Reporting directly to the Contact Center Manager the Business Manager achieves his/her targets with the assistance of all Transcom support functions.

    • The primary objective is to achieve the set revenue target and Gross Profit Margin for his/her business unit with high employee and client satisfaction.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

The position requires effective leadership and business execution for the following key focus areas. Additional responsibilities may be added as the needs of the business change and expand:

Profit and Growth

    • Deliver accurate data to produce the forecast

    • Develop realistic budgets

    • Ensure consistent financial follow-up


    • Define needs for Team Leader recruitment in conjunction with HR.

    • Be in charge of Team Leader development and support, and define Team Leader training needs.

    • Set and follow up on quality and quantity targets for the allocated Clients/projects.

    • Promote teamwork.

    • Ensure that employee satisfaction is high and attrition is low within the allocate production unit.

    • Develop and maintain effective performance management.

    • Lead by example.


    • Have a deep understanding of the price structure and the profitability goals of TWW.

    • Ensure that price structures are communicated and understood by every member of his/her business unit.

    • Proactively respond to variances in targets and service levels.

    • Prepare and/or support preparation for commercial negotiations.

    • Ensure that profitability is calculated accurately prior to agreement and all costs (including capital investments) are accounted for.

    • Plan and implement expansions to current business.

    • Plan for and implement new businesses.

    • Drive negotiations toward agreement ensuring TWW risks and profit objectives are covered at all times.

    • Ensure that revenue streams cover committed costs wherever possible.

    • Ensure regular and proactive contact and interaction with clients

    • Ensure clients satisfaction through continuous business improvements.

    • Seek to increase client revenue and develop a partnership.

    • Strategic alliance with client’s marketing strategy, knowledge ability of clients’ culture, legislation regulations, and market trends.


    • Proactively promote the TransVision objectives.

    • Ensure that TWW standard procedures are implemented and complied with at all times within his/her business area.

    • Create an open and energetic culture within his/her business unit.

    • Ensure that objectives are set for every member of his/her business area and production unit in line with TransVision and business objectives.

    • Ensure a high level of morale and a sense of loyalty to TWW in each individual.

    • Provide feedback to Corporate Governance on ideas for improving standards and processes.

Process and Integrity

    • Continuously review procedures and implement improvements.

    • Implement TWW standard practices.

    • Ensure that demand forecasting is as accurate as possible and that resources deployed is match demand effectively.

    • Promote synergistic teamwork with the Business Support Team ensuring that all data is accurate and completed on time.

    • CIMWeb Statistics – Weekly action items must be identified and route cause analysis must be done to ensure success on all campaigns.


    • Attend internal meetings with other staff of the contact center.

    • Directly responsible for all communication with and support of Team Leaders.

    • Pursue communication with Clients that have been allocated to the Business Manager’s responsibility.

What we are looking for:

To be successful in this role you must…

    • Hold a university degree or professional experience.

    • Have a proven and successful track record of effective leadership with Commercial and/or Operational responsibility in the CRM or a closely related industry

    • Have Client Relations and/or Sales contact experience

    • Have a good understanding of CRM best practice and markets

    • Manage your time effectively and be focused on setting clear objectives and priorities.

    • Have experience with P&L management and associated financial practices

    • Have worked in a performance driven environment before.

    • Speak English at a “good” level

It will help if you…

    • Have worked for a CRM outsource business

    • Have experience in direct/consumer marketing

    • Have direct/consumer marketing, CRM or business administration qualifications

    • Run your own business

    • Have other language skill including English

In order to fairly evaluate eligibility, the following criteria will be applied when considering an application. Unless otherwise stated in the posting or specified by the Hiring Manager, employees must:

  • Be regularized or have been continuously employed in their current position for at least six (6) months to be eligible

  • Must have no instance of 2nd Warning Progressive Discipline and above

  • Have no active or pending case (excluding any cases categorized as “A” with respect to the list of infractions in Appendix A) covering the end date of job posting and its process duration

  • Be maintaining Purple, Yellow, or Green OPI on their primary campaign for the past three (3) months; unless otherwise waived by the Hiring Manager due to a completely different set of competencies required.

  • Secure recommendation from immediate head and duly signed (email approval is also acceptable) by 2nd level head (eg. Team Lead and Manager)  

What Life at Transcom is like!
At Transcom, we’re relentlessly committed to our clients and each other. Every day, someone starts their journey with Transcom. Taking the potential they have today, and turning it into skills for the future. Getting recognized for working hard, being a team player, and supporting others. Championing positive, lasting change in their teams and communities. That’s just how we are at Transcom. Here we care, and root for each other. You’re included, just as you are, from day one. And with the right mindset, there’s no end to how far we can go together.

We are highly driven by our "Malasakit" culture. Transcom, in its very core, is all about an inclusive team that is focused on people. It all comes down to setting the bar for dignity, equality, and respect. It means that each one takes part in proactively shaping, cultivating, and building the company we want to work and live in. This is why genuine concern is so vital to us.

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