QA Lead - Manila, Philippines

Location: Philippines, Pasig Ayala 30th

Job category: Operations


Transcom is looking for talented individuals like you to join our awesome team! Be the next QA Lead  for our Transcom Pasig site.

Join our Transcom Family as a QA Lead!

Job Objective:

The purpose of this QAPI Lead is to manage daily operations of the Quality Analytics and Performance Improvement Department to ensure world-class service delivery through insights and analytics. 
  • Responsible for driving the QAPI Specialists and Analysts performance and goals attainment
  • Ensures that the team supports in improving the program’s performance and revenue through strategic assessment, validations and insights delivery
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  • People Development
    • Create Individual Development Plans of QAPI Specialists based on competency and performance
    • Rank & develop QA Specialists / Analysts based on 7 Competencies
    • Coach and provide direction to QAPI Specialists
    • Maintain and drive Quality Team Performance (Efficiency, Productivity, Accuracy, Reliability)
  • Insights and Analytics
    • Coordination with Campaign QAPI Managers for Insights
    • Target Completion
    • Accuracy
    • Creation of trends and simple reports analytics on quality and compliance parameters
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Represent the department during Operations and Client meetings which requires participants from QAPI
    • Conduct / join internal and external calibration sessions
Key Metrics and Scorecard:
  • People Development
    • Right Staffing across all Staff levels
    • Development Plans on Skillset Training
    • Implementation of Centralization Plan
    • Drive Team Performance: Accuracy, Efficiency, Attendance
  • Internal Client Support
    • Alignment of Transcom QAPI methodologies and process
    • Provide process recommendations on simplification targeting to improve customer and agent effort
    • Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly Insights Read Out to QA Specialists
  • Coaching Effectiveness
    • Coaching Effectiveness - Coaching Rubric / Norm Form Triad Score (based on 1 manager triad session per week)
    • Completion of required Weekly / Fortnightly QA Specialist Coaching Sessions
    • Delivery of Temp Check sessions with running tracker of People Issues and action taken regularly updated (limited audience)
    • Tracking of Actions on QAPI Specialist People Opportunities on OPS KPIs
Job Specifications (Qualifications, Skills and Experience)

Educational Background: (or equivalent to Work Experience Qualifications)
  • At least 2 years in college or Senior High School Graduate (for candidates with BPO experience) 
Work Experience:
  • BPO experience (internal and external candidates)
  • Green KPI Performance for at least 3 months (internal)
  • Experience as a Back-up Quality, Trainer or Team Leader is preferred with Operations Leaders and Client interaction (internal and external candidates)
  • Experience in managing people / teams
  • Quality and Customer Experience Work
Skills Requirements:
  • Knowledge in MS Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Knowledge in using Google Apps (Sheets, Slides, Docs)
  • Knowledge in Coaching methodologies
  • Keen attention to details

  • TEAM WORK - Building positive working relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of Transcom's objectives. Involves the intention to form part of a team and work with others, as opposed to individualism or rivalry. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.
  • TEAM DEVELOPMENT - Using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to develop his/her team; helping them to discover, grow, and reach their potential. Creates a learning environment; ensures that opportunities for development are available. Includes the capacity to generate support and commitment.
  • ANALYTICAL AND RESOLUTIONARY THINKING - Breaking a problem down into its component parts; describing its source and structure, understanding of time sequences and the cause-effect relationships of actions. Seeking possible causes and gathering relevant data. Providing wider or deeper understanding of situations or problems by applying another frame of reference.
  • FOCUS ON QUALITY - Setting high demands with respect to the quality of one's own work and that of others; striving continuously for improvements. Vigilantly watches over processes and services to ensure freedom from errors, omissions, or defects. Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.
  • IMPACT & INFLUENCE - Presenting ideas, decisions, points of view or plans convincingly to others so that they agree or approve, even after initial hesitation. Presenting oneself in such a way that the first impression is positive; showing an air of confidence and influence.
  • FOCUS ON RESULTS - Taking ownership of the achievement of his/her objectives or goals and demonstrating determination to succeed and showing the final results. Collaboratively works with direct reports to set meaningful performance objectives, focusing and guiding others in accomplishing their objectives. Having stamina to remain firm and consistent when performing actions and tasks until the objective has been attained.
  • ADAPTABILITY & FLEXIBILITY - Acting appropriately by expedient adaptation to changing environments, tasks or responsibilities and to different people, regardless of setbacks, disappointments or opposition. Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing changes in the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work s processes or requirements.
What's in it for YOU:

Driven by our "Malasakit" culture, we make certain that our team members are well-cared for. Hence we are proving these employee benefits, which you'll be able to utilize once you join our team! 


  • Day 1 HMO

  • Meal & Transportation Allowance

  • Rice Subsidy

  • Clothing Allowance

  • 24/7 Teleconsult

  • Free Psychologist Consultation

  • In-house & Online Pharmacy

  • Scholarship Program

  • Retirement Fund

  • Free Meal & Medicine (through Transcom’s Tap Card Rewards)

  • Loyalty Incentives

  • Accidental & Life Insurance

  • Free Shuttle Service


What Life at Transcom is like:
At Transcom, we’re relentlessly committed to our clients and each other. Every day, someone starts their journey with Transcom. Taking the potential they have today, and turning it into skills for the future. Getting recognized for working hard, being a team player, and supporting others. Championing positive, lasting change in their teams and communities. That’s just how we are at Transcom. Here we care, and root for each other. You’re included, just as you are, from day one. And with the right mindset, there’s no end to how far we can go together.

We are highly driven by our "Malasakit" culture. Transcom, in its very core, is all about an inclusive team that is focused on people. It all comes down to setting the bar for dignity, equality, and respect. It means that each one takes part in proactively shaping, cultivating, and building the company we want to work and live in. This is why genuine concern is so vital to us.

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