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30 November 2021

Transcom builds center of excellence for a brilliant global fintech

With a high focus on CX and operational KPIs, the client was noticing a large gap in performance between different sites. Transcom was asked to identify the root causes of these gaps, with a specific focus on NPS and First Contact Resolution, and then provide suggested solutions. A 1% reduction in FCR would reduce cost by $3.2M annually.


The challenge:


Despite having a conversational analytic (CA) platform implemented, the client struggled with low usage and couldn’t benefit from the value of the solution. CA reports were shared with operations but lacked the appropriate context and call-to-action to be of value.


Our solution:


  1. Transcom established a CA Center of Excellence, engaged operations, and trained people close to operations to create targeted analytic dashboards.
  2. Transcom thoroughly mapped the operation process and business targets to source hands-on insights that would help configure the CA platform.
  3. CoE experts created customized queries for identification of low-performing conversations. 
  4. Transcom implemented a feedback loop between CA CoE experts and operations daily routines, to better understand customer and agent behavior. 


The outcome:


  • Customized queries for identifying low-performing conversations provided data that supported individual targeted coaching sessions.
  • The feedback loop between CA CoE experts and operations contributed to faster CTAs and turnaround times.
  • Tracking analytics and using data to inform operational development led to greater satisfaction from within the workforce.


The results:


  • Reduced recontact rate by 12.3%
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 19%

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