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Corporate Governance

Transcom’s presence in Italy is in the form of three separate organisations, each dedicated to a specific business: 

Transcom Worldwide S.p.A. provides Business Process Outsourcing services to the public administration market; Transcom Worldwide Italy S.p.A. operates the same services to meet the requirements of the private market, and Transcom Worldwide Management S.r.l. conducts its activities in the business services sector through organisational, administrative, commercial and management co-ordination.

All three companies are directly controlled by Transcom Worldwide AB and subject to the latter in relation to all direction and co-ordination activities.


Codes of Conduct and 231 Model

The Code of Conduct defines all values and principles inspiring all those working for Transcom and constitutes our main framework of rules of conduct within the extensive and complex “Corporate Governance” measures that businesses are required to adopt in today’s world. 

Furthermore, we require both our suppliers and partners to comply with these same rules of conduct through the obligatory adoption of the Suppliers’ Code of Conduct.

Transcom has adopted an organisational, management and control model consistently with Legislative Decree 231/2001, representing the document which summarises all organisational rules and procedures able to ensure the transparency of management actions and to reduce the risk of the commission of criminal offences.

We have published below the Code of Conduct and the 231 Model applying to each of the three Transcom companies operating in Italy.