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HR Specialist

Location: Philippines, Bacolod City

Job category:

Language: English

Transcom is looking for talented individuals like you to join our awesome team! Be the next HR Specialist for our Transcom Bacolod site.

Job Description


The Human Resources Specialist is responsible for the correct implementation of the Human Resources policies defined at the Company, in terms of labour relations and personnel management and administration, guaranteeing effective support to the Organisation's remaining functional areas, and to all employees forming part of the Organisation.

Functional responsibilities

● Attend to employee queries in all labour relations matters with the Company (pay, timetables, holidays, leave, etc.).

● Process recruitments in due time and form, ensuring correct social security registration and contributions, in coordination with the external manager.

● Process social security registrations and de-registrations.

● Manage payroll processes, incidents and closure thereof, minimising errors in employee pay.

● Process and manage disciplinary measures in coordination with the remaining functional areas involved.

● Manage employee settlements.

● Process and control possible attendance incidents (sick leave, absenteeism, holidays).

● Manage and file all documentation which generates a relationship between the Company and the employee, processing the employee files, in line with the established procedure.

● Update internal procedures and contribute improvements thereto to increase quality.

● Advise work team leaders on the employment relationship with their collaborators.

● Guarantee compliance with the Collective Labour Agreement, informing and advising as required.

● Make the relevant queries to the official and/or social bodies with respect to personnel administration procedures. 

Profile required

Professional qualifications/Specific knowledge:

● Minimum studies: University diploma or degree (Law, Labour Relations, Work Studies, Business Administration and Management or similar).

● Specific training and/or work experience in Human Resources Administrative Management, Post-Graduate Studies in Labour Relations and/or Labour Law.

Information technology:

● Office package: Spreadsheets. Excel. High Level; Word processor. Word. Intermediate-High Level; Presentations. Power Point. Intermediate-High Level; Communication. Email: High Level.

● Previous experience in HR IT solutions is an advantage.


● English: B1 - Threshold or intermediate.

Competency profile (core competencies):

● Communication

Communicating ideas and information on time, effectively and clearly so that the essential message comes across and is fully understood always promoting an open dialogue. The ability to use a variety of media in a manner that engages the audience. Communicating the direction in which the organization is developing in an appealing way and creating support for achieving TWW objectives.

● Focus on the Client (internal and external)

Demonstrating a commitment to quality services, effectively interpreting the needs of external and internal clients. Involves meeting client needs in an excellent and efficient manner; building productive client relationships; taking responsibility for client satisfaction and loyalty.

● Planning and Organisation Capacity

Determining objectives and priorities effectively; planning timely measures in order to attain stated goals. Identifying and recruiting people and other resources in order to carry out a plan; allocating them in such a way that the intended results are achieved. Involves monitoring the results of tasks, assignments or projects.

● Focus on Quality

Setting high demands with respect to the quality of one's own work and that of others; striving continuously for improvements. Vigilantly watches over processes and services to ensure freedom from errors, omissions, or defects. Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.

● Teamwork

Building positive working relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of Transcom's objectives. Involves the intention to form part of a team and work with others, as opposed to individualism or rivalry. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.

Motivational aspects - The profile which must be presented by employees:

● Positive attitude towards inter-personal dealings and service vocation.

● Remain motivated and keep a positive attitude under pressure.

Previous experience:

● External selection:

Minimum one year's experience as a HR employee, performing similar functions in personnel management and administration.

● Internal promotion:

May also originate from any post if he/she complies with the required profile. 


What's in it for YOU

Driven by our "Malasakit" culture, we make certain that our team members are well-cared for. Hence we are proving these employee benefits, which you'll be able to utilize once you join our team! 

  • Day 1 HMO
  • Meal & Transportation Allowance
  • Rice Subsidy
  • Clothing Allowance
  • 24/7 Teleconsult
  • Free Psychologist Consultation
  • In-house & Online Pharmacy
  • Scholarship Program
  • Retirement Fund
  • Free Meal & Medicine (through Transcom’s Tap Card Rewards)
  • Loyalty Incentives
  • Accidental & Life Insurance
  • Free Shuttle Service


What Life at Transcom is like

Transcom is a firm believer in putting people first. We have cultivated a culture of focusing on and caring for our employees, ensuring that they are provided with rewards, privileges, and amenities that are relevant, valuable, and easily available.

We are highly driven by our "Malasakit" culture. Transcom, in its very core, is all about an inclusive team that is focused on people. It all comes down to setting the bar for dignity, equality, and respect. It means that each one takes part in proactively shaping, cultivating, and building the company we want to work and live in. This is why genuine concern is so vital to us.


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