16 June 2022

Behind the brilliance of PayPal’s dream NPS score


Exactly 14 years ago, we partnered up with one of our most brilliant clients - PayPal. The road we’ve been on together is paved with mutual trust and continuous drive to always be better.


PayPal trusts us to take care of their most important relationships - the ones they have with their customers. We do that by providing customer care in digital and voice channels in French, Italian, Arabic, and English, in the French, Italian, Middle East & Africa, and Canadian markets.


Back in 2019, PayPal announced their new customer experience strategy and decided to focus more on improving CX, investing in tech and innovation, and sustainability. To align with the client’s strategy, we found areas of improvement that we needed to invest in:


1. Process improvements

2. Quality assurance

3. Security & compliance

4. Learning & development


By focusing on these key areas and finding ways to improve within them, we managed to reach all operational KPIs and achieve PayPal’s dream NPS score of 60+. In this case study, you’ll read about how we became the best-performing team in PayPal’s global contact center network. It’s a story about reliability, proactiveness, and digital innovation.

Download the case study