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  • Gianluca Gemma

    The challenges of Customer Care in the Travel & Leisure industry

    Providing customer assistance is always a delicate task, one that requires tact, empathy and skill in order to offer the right solution and strike up a rapport where necessary. The travel sector in particular throws up a range of potentially thorny customer care challenges: for example, a flight cancellation can ruin a long-planned, eagerly anticipated holiday, with the affected users understandably angry when they speak to an operator to get an explanation. The changing, unstable international ...
  • Agnese Cotardo

    Improving user CX with a Speech Analytics project from Transcom.

    In any commercial sector, the customer service phase plays a fundamental role in creating an image of a company in the eyes of the client. But that’s not all! The semantic and linguistic analysis of conversations between clients and customer service representatives also allows important information to be gathered and processed, and action taken to improve the quality of the customer experience. We’re talking about Speech Analytics software, programmes capable of analysing the “voice of the Clien...
  • Matteo Ferrari

    A world leader in the logistics sector entrusts its customer service to Transcom

    In 2017, Transcom embarked upon an important partnership with one of the largest businesses in the postal and logistics sector, present in 220 countries across the globe and with a workforce exceeding 350,000 employees. For this Client, Transcom currently manages customer service for the German market. The services are provided from the Belgrade facility, one of our multilingual hubs able to offer agents with near-native language proficiency. Transcom was selected after successfully managing a t...
  • Helene Ruda

    TalkTalk walks the walk with digital customer service strategy

    Five years ago, TalkTalk was one of the most complained about telecoms operators in Britain. Today the company has completely turned things by revamping the contact centre operating model and finding new ways for customers to get the support they need across digital channels. As a result, TalkTalk is succeeding in its mission to be a value champion taking on the traditional giants in one of the toughest industries in Britain.  After being handed the Daily Mail’s ‘Wooden Spoon’, given to companie...
  • Cheryll Aganda

    Process Analytics and Improvement: a Case Study

    At Transcom, our approach in Process Analytics and Improvement involve a series of actions that aim to identify, analyze and improve existing business processes within our partners’ organization, in order to meet new goals and objectives, such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs and accelerating business value proposition.   We would like to share a case study in this section, where we demonstrate our capabilities in this area via a project completed for one of our partners in ...
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