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Transform your business with the help of artificial intelligence advisory services and years of experience, complete with 3,000+ digital implementations across 15 industries around the globe.

Improve your enterprise by commanding data.

To improve your operations you need three things: data, knowledge, and experience in transforming operations with AI solutions. Luckily, we can provide you with all three. By utilizing Transcom's advisory services and innovative tech, you too can experience the benefits many of our clients are experiencing already. Don't just take our word for it, below are some examples of how the implementation of Transcom's AI-powered tools helped our clients.

Customer Exp

Artificial intelligence.
Real results.

Automated Translation.

This client wanted to grow across European countries, which caused a challenge in scaling customer service operations and the ability to be wherever their customers are, in their native languages.
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Conversational analytics.

We’ve been partnering with PayPal for 16 years now, and we’ve been able to overachieve and reach their dream NPS target of 60+ using solutions such as conversational analytics.
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Conversational AI bots.

This client realized they needed to start a digital transformation journey that required a detailed investigation of all processes and systems, and potential to introduce conversational AI.
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AI Generation

Ready for the AI generation?

You won’t get anywhere by going into things blind and without a plan. So, if you’re ready to start using everything that AI can give you, then the first step would be to assess your business for areas of improvement through data analysis and defining a roadmap. This way, you'll see how you can leverage tools like AI assistance, voice and text bots, and applied insights to get the most out of our innovative solutions. After that it’s a matter of saying “Jump!” and AI asking “How high?”

Meet our AI advisory team.

Great tech is nothing without the knowledge of how to implement and use it. That’s where our advisory team comes in. Our advisory team has supported hundreds of companies, succeeded in 300+ digital transformation projects, and performed 3000+ digital solutions implementations across 15+ industries in 20+ countries - all through our hands-on and tactical approach. If you’re looking for someone who truly understands what your business needs to thrive, then we’re the partner for you.

Our leaders on AI.

AI is yesterday's news.

Our CTO, Stefan Berg, talks about what's next for AI in customer care and CX.
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Translation in customer service.

The challenge of customer service translation is becoming the key problem to solve in order to create a successful operation.
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Lesson learned in 180 days.

Our CDxO, Tomas Yangbyn, discusses the tactics you need to be successful with AI.
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Transcom stories about AI.

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Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

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