Live Chat

Transcom’s live chat is offered through two distinct options which we also tailor to specific client needs. This enables us deliver live chat independently of your starting point and ambition levels. The first option is designed for companies wanting to outsource their live chat operations, while the second includes both the technology platform and operations.

  • Chat operations outsourcing on client technology platform – Includes highly skilled chat agents recruited and trained to fit your company profile and business objectives. Transcom offers our best practice processes and a highly efficient workforce management if needed. For clients managing their own forecasting and WFM activities we are flexible to deliver only the workforce to operate the chat channel. Being technology agnostic, we will work with the platform of your choice, but recommend selecting our in-house platform if you aspire to improve your omni-channel capabilities.
  • Chat operations outsourcing and technology platform – Includes end-to-end implementation and operations of chat on Transcom’s technology platform. Transcom will provide best practices, workforce management, recruiting and training, as well as system set-up. With our preferred platform in place we are better positioned to provide blending services, in situations where we provide support in several channels.


For more advanced buyers of live chat, Transcom can offer to integrate a virtual agent side by side with human agents in the chat channel. Virtual agents can autonomously resolve repetitive high-volume requests and augment human performance for increased efficiency and quality in interactions.

Read more about our offering here, or contact us directly on chat@transcom.com.