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HRBP Manager

Location: Philippines, Iloilo City

Job category:

Language: English

Transcom is looking for talented individuals like you to join our awesome team! Be the next HRBP Manager for Transcom Iloilo site.

Job Summary

The HR Business Partner is responsible for the overall day-to-day service delivery of all employee relations functions. The incumbent will also act as primary operations management partner of the Employee Relations Manager for all ER commitments in the assigned site.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strengthen a culture which favours appropriate conditions to improve the organisational climate, ensuring that the policies and procedures established are implemented and understood by all employees.
  • Participate in the definition and implement the Human Resources Department's strategic plan and budget.
  • Plan, organise, manage and control the Human Resources Department's functions and activities, exercising effective leadership with the team under its wing, through transparent communication and by aligning objectives, delegating functions, assigning tasks, supervising and controlling the progress of processes and guiding and assessing their performance.
  • Guide human capital towards a model centred on processes which guarantee an adequate location of human resources in line with the work posts and profiles required.
  • Lead, control and manage all activities inherent to the development of Labour and Trade Union Relations, representing the Company and negotiating with the Works Council on all those matters related with elected workers’ representatives.
  • Propose improvements to the Organisation's Human Resources policy, optimising the Department's administrative and management processes, guaranteeing service quality and minimising Company risks.
  • Collaborate in the definition and implementation of the training model and the integral development of human talent.
  • Participate in the design and implementation of the incentives programmes which promote improvements in results.
  • Contact person for all matters relating to Human Resources.
  • Resolve and report anomalies in policies or procedures at the work centre.
  • Ensure quality in the Department's processes, maintaining error-free payroll payments, recruitment management and social security.
  • Propose functional rotations of personnel and/or positions in the Organisation.
  • Coordinate and supervise all matters related with occupational health and safety, ensuring the implementation of all affairs established by the Occupational Risk Prevention Department.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the HR managers of the Regional Centres in order to exchange best practices.
  • Communicate conduct protocols to the team leaders so that they can notify them to their collaborators and foster compliance therewith.
  • Design, implement and coordinate measures aimed at establishing internal communication on an on-going basis, innovating effective strategies in order that the information is received by all employees.

Professional qualifications/Specific knowledge:

  • Minimum studies: University diploma or degree (Law, Labour Relations, Psychology, Work Studies or similar).
  • Specific post-graduate training and/or work experience in Human Resources Strategic Management and Employment Law are an advantage.

Information technology:

  • Office package: Spreadsheets. Excel. High Level; Word processor. Word. High Level; Presentations. Power Point. High Level; Communication. Email: High Level. Previous experience in HR IT solutions is an advantage.
  • Languages: English: B2 - Vantage or upper intermediate

Competency profile (core competencies):

  • Focus on the Client (internal and external)

Demonstrating a commitment to quality services, effectively interpreting the needs of external and internal clients. Involves meeting client needs in an excellent and efficient manner; building productive client relationships; taking responsibility for client satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Focus on Results

Taking ownership of the achievement of his/her objectives or goals and demonstrating determination to succeed and showing the final results. Collaboratively works with direct reports to set meaningful performance objectives, focusing and guiding others in accomplishing their objectives. Having stamina to remain firm and consistent when performing actions and tasks until the objective has been attained.

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

Acting appropriately by expedient adaptation to changing environments, tasks or responsibilities and to different people, regardless of setbacks, disappointments or opposition. Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing changes in the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new works processes or requirements.

  • Impact and Influence

Presenting ideas, decisions, points of view or plans convincingly to others so that they agree or approve, even after initial hesitation. Presenting oneself in such a way that the first impression is positive; showing an air of confidence and influence.

  • Decision Making

Making decisions by taking action or expressing an opinion, even when the situation is unclear, based

on adequate information with the aim of generating different solutions that enhance opportunities or

facilitate the resolution of problems in the best interest of Transcom. Involves analysing risks, and

responsibility taken for the decisions made. 

  • Leadership

Managing, developing and motivating others to ensure that they are able to fully contribute to Transcom success, inspiring values and providing feedback; encouraging and bringing about teamwork; maintaining good cooperation to achieve an intended goal. The leader identifies him/herself with energy, and is capable of transmitting it, motivating and generating confidence.

  • Team Development

Using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to develop his/her team; helping them to discover, grow, and reach their potential. Creates a learning environment; ensures that opportunities for development are available. Includes the capacity to generate support and commitment.

Motivational aspects - The profile which must be presented by employees:

  • Positive attitude towards interpersonal dealings and service vocation.
  • Remain motivated and keep a positive attitude under pressure and during negotiations.

Previous experience:

  • External selection: Minimum three years' experience in the same capacity, preferably in the Contact Centre or similar sector in HR ratios.
  • Internal promotion: May originate from the post of Level 2 positions within the HR group. May also originate from any post if he/she complies with the required profile.


What Life at Transcom is like 

Transcom is a firm believer in putting people first. We have cultivated a culture of focusing on and caring for our employees, ensuring that they are provided with rewards, privileges, and amenities that are relevant, valuable, and easily available. We are highly driven by our "Malasakit" culture. Transcom, in its very core, is all about an inclusive team that is focused on people. It all comes down to setting the bar for dignity, equality, and respect. It means that each one takes part in proactively shaping, cultivating, and building the company we want to work and live in. This is why genuine concern is so vital to us.

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