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30 November 2021

Transcom is a global Strategic Vendor Partner of this brilliant logistics company

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Having worked with this client since 2007, in 14 different markets, Transcom has cultivated a long-standing relationship over 14 years, serving the US, UK, and Europe in a traditional customer service operating model. This logistics company is focused on quality performance following quick ramp-ups to manage changing client requirements, in a cost-efficient manner.


The challenge:


Due to changing client expectations and seasonal peaks, the client was seeing a greater need for flexibility to manage these contingencies. Combined with the need for a central support team for efficient ramp-up, as well as minimizing transition cost through the use of existing sites with proven track records, meant that the client required an agile, expert approach.


Our solution:


  1. The proactive approach to driving process improvements for CX was implemented based on Transcom best practices.
  2. Implementation of cost-efficient sites, run by experienced management teams and a central support team for efficient ramp-up.
  3. Transcom continues to assess and develop 29 key process areas, to ensure sustained quality performance and flexibility in seasonal peaks.


The outcome:


  • Through omnichannel support with phone, mail, chat, social media, technical support, back office, supply chain, customs activity, and healthcare, able to raise customer satisfaction in a cost-efficient manner.
  • As a reliable seasonal peak partner, flexible in ramp-up, with strong onboarding capabilities, Transcom was able to ensure excellent customer care across multiple markets. 


The results:


  • Since 2007, ramped to 1900+ agents working in 7 locations, including on, off, and nearshore.
  • Supporting customer care for 14 markets and languages in 23 lines of business.

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