Sustainability 2019

CEO comment

Passionate about creating smarter people experiences every day

For the past three years, Transcom has built a solid foundation to advance our position as a sustainable business. We have increased our competitiveness, our efforts to be an employer of choice, and our focus on being a true partner, and the most sustainable choice, for our clients. We are now ready to take the next steps in our journey, focusing on sustainable growth.

As a company, we are defined by our employees. It is their expertise and skills that creates fantastic customer experiences when interacting with the customers of our clients. Our success depends entirely on our ability to empower and support them to succeed in their role, and how we can help them to grow in their future careers. In 2019, we continued our strategy to create a better workplace for our employees. This means making sure that the physical workplace supports the well-being of our employees. But it also includes implementing digital tools and processes that allow our employees to develop their skills and careers in an increasingly digital and dynamic environment. This work will continue over the years to come.

Having operations in 20 countries, we are committed to providing an equal opportunities work environment, working against discrimination on any ground, and having a zero tolerance for harassment. During 2019, we reinforced the commitment in starting to outline a program with trainings and processes to further our efforts. The program will be rolled out in 2020.

In many locations, we are an important employer. For us, this means that we have a will and obligation to support our local communities. Apart from company initiatives, such as corporate donations, cooperation with local NGO’s, and support in the event of natural disasters, we provide the opportunity to volunteer and contribute within areas that our employees are most passionate about.  Some examples of the actions our fantastic employees around the world have engaged in can be found on page 30 in this report. 

We recognize that the ultimate currency in today’s world is trust. Being a global service partner to over 200 international clients, with over 50 contact centers in 20 countries, and an extensive network of work-at-home agents, it is of utmost importance that we operate at the highest ethical standards and safeguard theirs, and their customers’ information. 

During 2019, we further intensified our work with the Sustainable Development Goals, communicating what we are doing and what we are aiming to do going forward. Our future goal is to have a structured follow-up process for measuring our impact towards the relevant and material aspects where Transcom can contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals.

Looking into 2020, we will also start the process of conducting a new materiality analysis to ensure that we are focusing on the relevant sustainability areas and have a solid basis for our future sustain-ability strategy. In this next phase of Transcom’s journey, we are focusing our efforts on three pillars; client focus and operational excellence, supported by strong culture and leadership. Sustain-ability has always played an essential part in our corporate strategy, business culture and daily operations, and we are constantly considering the social, environmental, and economic impact our actions have. We believe that driving and growing a sustainable business with a minimal negative impact embodies our purpose, to be passionate about creating smarter people experiences every day. I am pleased to present our efforts in the Transcom Sustainability Report 2019. 

Jonas Dahlberg
President & CEO

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